How do you compete with such cheap prices?

We acquire our products by doing regular research every day to get the best price and hand it over to you.

I can see some continental products what do you do about the incompatible power sources?

All of our Products are delivered with a specific UK cable or adapter unless noted otherwise.

I misspelled some numbers or capitals during my order, what should I do now?

In case your order was not checked out just correct the information and proceed to check out. If you realized your mistake after your order was placed just contact us as soon as possible.

Can you deliver your products outside UK?

For sure! If you want to receive something outside the UK most places like the Channel Islands or Ireland are regular places we deliver our goods to. If you want to receive our products outside the UK you will need to contact us first, but since our native group in Germany is experienced in worldwide trade we sure will find a satisfying solution.

How long do I need to wait to receive my order?

It usually takes 2-4 working days until your goods will arrive. The regular delivery time is noted on every product. If some of the ordered products need special handling due to their size or sensibility it may take longer just check the regular delivery time noted on every product or contact us for further information.

How long is the warranty?

The warranty supplied is the standard manufacturer’s warranty. In most cases this will be about 1 year of warranty for your products. If you have a specific question about a specific product just contact us.

What if I want to give my product back?

Just check our Return Policy for more information about the process. The first step includes you to inform us about your decision to send the product back to us, so feel free to contact us.

I did not receive any tracking number, where do I get it?

In case your order is handed over to one of our logistic partners we can send you the information by request. Unfortunately our current system does not provide a secure method of automated integration to list the tracking numbers by our various logistic partners for every individual order properly.

I am not satisfied with my order!

Just in case you are not satisfied with us please tell us immediately so we can solve the problem together.